ELM016 - Luna City Express - Bartender

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Tracks by: Luna City Express
Remix by: Enliven


New York, Chicago, Detroit? Nop, boring shizzle!! Just try Miami!! Sun, butts, flamingos and music! Only an idiot can think this way! The bar is for sure the answer to the question: What is the most important part of the house? So what is more obvious than crowning a House-Track with a vocal by the person who enhances life to the bar and to the party as well as the DJ? “Luna City Express” wants to build a monument for the ones bearing this responsible task and say THANK YOU, together with “Enliven Deep Acoustics”. They want to pay homage to the person every visitors welfare depends on! So just imagine the BARTENDER not only leverages your drinkable luck but also sings for you! Not only sing, just utterly make the party to an unforgettable experience which makes the dancefloor to a trivial idea. Everybody who is pleasured by this record is forced by associations which will make her or him hugging the person behind the bar!!