ELM015 - Enliven Deep Acoustics - Envelope of Hope

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Track by: Enliven
Remix by: Sven Tasnadi


Hope in bags? No way, but rather thoughts on vinyl! True to Enliven Musics credo, not to program tools but to bring feelings back to the dancefloor, this new release is as spheric and deep emotional as a tech-house-funk-jazz-track could be. Packed with a ribbon loop, bound by Sven Tasnadi, the „Envelope of Hope“ is conveyed. The recipient launches a hearing pleasure on a special level, either heard in a sunny morning, beginning a lovely day or in the evening prospecting a lovely party, this track sets you in the right mood to experience all things with a quite positive elegance. As always, every part of the body is pleased but most of all the legs and the heart.